The Mega Design Resources Board

The Mega Design Resources Board

I am always on the hunt for amazing resources, design inspiration, tutorials, and just plain cool stuff design related. Here is a megalist.

The Mega Design Resources Board

What the eff is this?

I have been curating a bunch of design resource lists and adding them to Now I am sharing it with you, for free. This isa design resource that is updated daily that you can access easily on Trello. That is what I am sharing here. Each entry will have the basic overview information, image, and a link to go to the resource live. Also, you can vote on cards and I will re-sort the lane every week to bring new cards to the top.

How is this resource maintained?

The basic of it is that I will save a bookmark to a Raindrop collection, that then feeds that new entry into a Trello board lane. All of this automation is handled with IFTT. Magic.

Link to this Mega Board

Here is the link to access the resources.

Design Inspiration

Design Inspo

I usually scour Pinterest, Siteinspire, Designspiration for design inspiration. This board lane usually contains websites, posters, logos, and anything else that tickles my fancy. Updated daily.

Learning Resources


Anytime I come across a dope tutorial or resource to help level up my design skills, I post that here. My level up is your level up. Updated frequently.

Typography Resources


This lane contains type posters, fonts, and type foundries that are amazing to me! Updated frequently.

Color Theory + Tools

Color Resources + Tools

Anytime I find a resource, tool, or tutorial that is a deep dive on color theory I post that here. There are some real gems here in the tool and tutorial department. Update semi-frequently.

Logo Resources

Logo Level Up

All things logo here. Resources, inspiration, tutorials, and even places to post your logos for contests. Updated semi-frequently.

Creative Flex Resources

Creative Flex

This lane is awesome for generating fake briefs or getting inspiration for creating mock design projects. This is essential to upping your skills. Updated infrequently.

UI/UX Resources


Anything that is a resource, tool, tutorial. A lot of theory and practical tips here. Updated semi-frequently.

Design Tech + Tools

Design Tools

Basically anything that can help you design faster or better, it’s here. Also tools for implementing your design are here as well as design tools for the web. Updated frequently.

Design System Resources

Design Systems

This lane has deep dives on how to make a design system along with inspiration and resources. Updated frequently.

Icons + Illustration Stock

Icons + Illustration Resources

Need an icon or illustration? This is your lane. Updated infrequently.

Design Mockups


You finished your sweet design, now put it on a shirt or business card, or billboard. This lane is your ticket. Updated infrequently.

Stock Resources

Stock Photos + Video

Imagery that is solid is so hard to come by. Don’t be a KMART ad and use these resources. Updated infrequently.

I hope these resources help you in your design journey, they have certainly helped us.

Link to this Mega Board

Here is the link to access the resources.