Sauce Text Effect With Amazing Phantasm Halftones

Sauce Text Effect With Amazing Phantasm Halftones

In this Illustrator tut, we get that secret halftone sauce with Phantasm from Astute Graphics.

Sauce Text Effect With Amazing Phantasm Halftones

What will you be learning?

Halftones with Phantasm
We will be implementing a potent tool called Phantasm by Astute Graphics. In addition, we will create halftones that we will be using in our layered design here.

Advanced Blending
We will set up a perspective-warped blend. Then we will show how to adjust the blend later.

Free Distortin'
We will use Effects ➡️ Distort & Transform ➡️ Free distort to distort the ending layer in our blend.

Copy n' Reflect
We will then take a group and copy and reflect on that group to create the illusion of a reflection.

This tutorial is full of techniques you can use in many different scenarios. Enjoy!

Resources, Tools, Music

Adobe Illustrator
We are using Illustrator for all aspects of this illustration technique.
Check it out ➡️

Power Grotesk
A lovely typeface with curvy ink traps by Power Type Foundry.
Check it out ➡️

This power Illustrator plugin by Astute Graphics is versatile and magical.
Check it out ➡️

Music Bumping
Old School Instrumental Hip Hop Session by 1 Channel. Give this excellent mix a listen.
Check it out ➡️