Hella Bomb Intertwined Text Effect

Hella Bomb Intertwined Text Effect

Ever want to intertwine text in head-bending ways like a boss? Then, this tut is for you!

Hella Bomb Intertwined Text Effect

What Will You Be Learning?

Shape Builder
We will be rocking out with shape builder and creating the illusion of intertwined type.

Type Manipulation
We will show you a fun way to manipulate text in a pleasing and legible form.

Ed Shearing
We will show off the shear effect and what it can do for you!

Resources, Tools, Music

Adobe Illustrator
We are using Illustrator for all aspects of this illustration technique.
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Herokid Typeface
A fantastic, versatile typeface by W Type Foundry.
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Lightweight Paper Textures
Our custom, recolorable paper textures are used on the featured image and other imagery for this tutorial. 
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Music Bumping

FULL CASSETTE | LoFi Hiphop Set | NEOSOFT by The Moment channel. Give them a listen, and a follow!
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