GoGoGo Design Podcast

GoGoGo Design Podcast

We had fun developing this synthwave-inspired brand identity and web design for our design podcast.

GoGoGo Design Podcast

A bit ago, we dabbled with the idea of doing a brand off-shoot from Tickyboom that focused on Design tutorials.


We wanted to appeal to designers just starting in the branding and web design arena. The design podcast would be on YouTube as live episodes and a website for extra brand depth for our audience. We knew that we needed a visual branding language, one with a flexible logo, textures, icons, and a featured image aesthetic for YouTube.

Nod to recording = filled in 'O'


We developed the logo and brand strategy first. We came up with the podcast's name from our daily life as inspiration. I would encourage Milo, our son, when he was young and learning to crawl. I would usually say, "It's ok; take it one move at a time. You can do it! Go Go Go!" We tapped into that ethos of just doing, one small step at a time, as the basis of our learning and creative approach. Now that we had our Why, it was time to communicate it.

A flexible brand identity system.
Bold and Brighti!

The logo is very flexible and used in many different scenarios and differing sizes. The logo is a logotype style, with Vulf Sans from OhNo TypeCo as the base. We then filled in the 'O' to nod to recording, and it provided a nice bold graphic element. We decided on the vertically stacked logo version being the primary logo as it worked well in square dimension scenarios and spoke to the motion and movement of the podcast. We then created horizontal versions and a small 'Go' version for tiny scenarios.

We then developed a color palette and icons as we moved into the web design phase. The web design helped us further develop the visual branding and cement our visual language.

Post Design
Mobile designs


We developed a complete visual brand language to help create a bespoke experience both on YouTube and the custom website. We built the website in WordPress with Elementor. We created a featured image design incorporating illustrations we made in Procreate for each episode. We also created an intro video that nodded to the Synthwave/Retro CRT feel and had a lot of fun doing the podcast. It was a fun experiment that yielded some great work and helped us grow our YouTube audience.

Featured Image system.
Video intro and outro was CRT'D

Fun Facts

We used Vulf Typeface from OhNo TypeCo. We built the site with Elementor. In the short time that we did this podcast, we grew 500 subscribers.