Hello Typography Illustration Tutorial

Hello Typography Illustration Tutorial

Today we will learn how to make a 3D, colorful, and magical typography illustration.

Hello Typography Illustration Tutorial

Here are some techniques you will learn:

Blending Tool
We will use the blending tool along the spine of some custom typography. The blend tool is incredibly powerful and easy to use. 

Using gradients in this context, you can mimic light and magic.

Offset Path
We will use an offset path from our spine to create some flair.

Stroke Profile + Gradient
We will use a stroke profile to add more depth to our flair and a gradient technique to make the flair look like it is coming from the shadows!

Texture + Lighting
We will use some custom textures we created and a simple overlay technique to take our illy to the next level.

Tools, Resources, and Beats

Our Powerful Texture Pack: 

Music playing in the background (support this channel!)
Homage - Evening Hues [Full BeatTape]

Have fun creating!