Fun Abstract Line Art

Fun Abstract Line Art

Want to be an abstract legend? Is that a real thing? I don't know, but this tutorial will be fun.

Fun Abstract Line Art

What Will You Learn?

Multi Step Blend
We will do a 6-step blend to set up our color spectrum look.

Manipulate Blending
We will take each blend column and create a fun abstract shape.

Stroke Width + Profile
We will use stroke width and profile to add some excellent depth to our columns.

Line Shape
We will manipulate a line on each column to add another layer of magical abstractness.

Resources, Tools, Music

Adobe Illustrator
We are using Illustrator for all aspects of this illustration technique.
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Music Bumping
Space Jazz III | Jazzy Beats | 1 Hour Playlist by STEEZYASFUCK. Give the mix a listen and a like!
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