Dope Abstract C Color Spectrum Art

Dope Abstract C Color Spectrum Art

Create dope abstract letterforms easily with this technique in Illustrator.

Dope Abstract C Color Spectrum Art

What Will You Learn?

Multi Step Blend
We will do a 6-step blend to set up our color spectrum look.

Spine Love
We will then set up a spine that we can use to attach the blend to. The spine will create our C letterform. We will also reverse the spine to set up colors differently.

We will then manipulate different aspects of our blended spine to make the letterform more pronounced and cool.

Resources, Tools, Music

Adobe Illustrator
We are using Illustrator for all aspects of this illustration technique.
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Music Bumping
ANOMALY | Phonk and Wave Mix by Smooth S o u n d s. Give the mix a listen and a like!
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