Branding Resources Mega Board

Branding Resources Mega Board

I am always on the hunt for amazing resources, inspiration, tutorials, and people to follow for branding and brand strategy. Here is a mega list.

Branding Resources Mega Board

I have been curating a bunch of branding resource lists and adding them to and then pushing those to a curated Trello board broken out by category. I hope this resource is super helpful for you. This board is broken down from strategy to marketing. This board will be a wealth of knowledge for all aspects of your branding. Enjoy!

Link to the board

You can find a link to the board here

You can see a breakdown of each section below!

How is this resource maintained?

The basic of it is that I will save a bookmark to a Raindrop collection, which then feeds that new entry into a Trello board lane. All of this automation is handled with IFTT. Magic.

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Brand Strategy Section

Positioning, naming, mission statement, purpose, value proposition - all the sub-surface branding info is here. Use these resources to learn and apply methods in developing a brand strategy. Have fun!

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Learn Branding Section

Anything related to learning about branding, and resources to help level you up are located in this section. 

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Books + People To Follow Section

This section will house a list of people to follow and books to read when it comes to branding. I try to hunt for all different viewpoints - so check back for updated peeps and books.

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Branding Tools Section

Oh, you want to learn how to think better or read a Guide on 101 Brand Strategy Resources? I got you!

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Pricing + Business Section

Pricing and business are part of a brand IMO. I attached this section to this mega board. A lot of these resources have helped me greatly, and I hope they help you.

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Social Media Section

Things like how to use Instagram hashtags to social media growth will be found in this section. Grow and go!

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Email Marketing Section

Yea, yea email is a touchpoint in the old brand ecosystem. This section will give you everything from how to write an email to how to make it look pretty along with marketing strategies.

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Content Creation Section

I suck at writing content, but I suck less by using these resources found in this section. You will find content creation ideas, how to market content, to writing techniques.

Link to the board

You can find a link to the board here

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