Awesome Drift Typo Effect

Awesome Drift Typo Effect

Wow your poster designs or marketing materials with this awesome banded text effect in Illustrator.

Awesome Drift Typo Effect

What will we be learning?

Transform Effect
We will use effect> Distort Transform > Transform to create a banded effect on a rectangle.

Shape Builder
We will then remove the banded effect we created and the bands from our text.

We use the Y coordinates to make precise adjustments to our bands to create a drifted offset for each band row.

Compound Gradients
We will then turn each band row into a compound path and set a gradient to each row to create some depth.

Blend Shadow Depth
We will take our banded text and create a silky smooth background shadow giving our effect some hella bomb depth.

Gradient Mesh
We will add a layer of magic with a gradient mesh and intrigue by smashing colors together in a sexy way.

Final Touches
We will adjust layer transparencies and grain to add the chef's kiss to this type effect.

Resources, Tools, Music

Adobe Illustrator
We are using Illustrator for all aspects of this illustration technique.
Check it out ➡️

Herokid Typeface
A fantastic, versatile typeface by W Type Foundry.
Check it out ➡️

Lightweight Paper Textures
Our custom, recolorable paper textures are used on the featured image and other imagery for this tutorial. 
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Music Bumping
Deep and Soulful House | Loc'd Grooves Ep 2 | Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth by LocHIVE The DJ YouTube channel. Give this excellent mix a listen.
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